• 09/2016 – Ph.D. in Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • 08/2011 – Dipl.-Psych. (≈ M.Sc. Psychology), Clinical Psychologist by training, University of Potsdam, Germany

Research Experience

  • 01/2019 – present – Senior Researcher and Project Leader in Developmental Psychology, Uppsala University, Sweden. Swedish Research Council-funded project “An Embodied Account of Early Executive Functioning” (VR-PG 2017-01504). Webpage @ Uppsala Child & Baby Lab, Webpage @ Uppsala University
  • 01/2018 – 12/2018 – Postdoctoral Research Associate in Developmental Psychology, Durham University, UK. ESRC-funded project “The development of own-body representation in childhood” (ES/P008798/1, PI Dr Dorothy Cowie).
  • 10/2016 – 12/2017 – Postdoctoral Researcher in Personality and Clinical Psychology, International Psychoanalytic University Berlin (IPU), Germany. Project on action-oriented interventions, social participation and well-being (PI Professor Konrad Schnabel). Webpage @ IPU
  • 08/201209/2016  Ph.D. Student and Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher in Developmental Psychology, Uppsala University, Sweden. Thesis: “Infants in Control: Prospective Motor Control and Executive Functions in Action Development.” (Supervision: Professor Gustaf Gredebäck, Professor Claes von Hofsten).
    • 01-03/2013 – Visiting Ph.D. Student and Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher in Developmental Psychology, Radboud University, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour, Baby BRAIN Group, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. (Supervision: Professor Sabine Hunnius).
  • 09/2011 – 07/2012 – Ph.D. Student and Research Associate in Emotion and Developmental Psychology, University of Potsdam, Germany. Project: “Embodiment of Good is Up: Spatial Metaphors in Action Observation” (with Professor Olga Pollatos, Professor Birgit Elsner). Webpage @ University of Potsdam
  • 08/2010 – 08/2011 – Psychology Diplom Student (≈ M.Sc. Student) in Developmental Psychology, University of Potsdam, Germany. Thesis: “Infants’ attention related to goal detection during observation of complete and incomplete actions: An ERP-study.” (Supervision: Professor Birgit Elsner).

Teaching Experience

  • 09-12/2019 – Brain & Behaviour (B.Sc.), Uppsala University, Sweden (course leader: 7.5 HP)
  • 09-12/2019 – Biological Psychology (B.Sc.), Uppsala University, Sweden (teacher)
  • 09-12/2019 – Introduction to Psychology (B.Sc.), Uppsala University, Sweden (teacher)
  • 09-12/2019 – Developmental Psychology (B.Sc.), Uppsala University, Sweden (teacher)
  • 01-06/2019 – Brain & Behaviour (B.Sc.), Uppsala University, Sweden (course leader: 7.5 HP)
  • 01-03/2019 – Introduction to Psychology (B.Sc.), Uppsala University, Sweden (teacher)
  • 01-03/2019 – Developmental Psychology (M.Sc.), Uppsala University, Sweden (teacher)
  • 04-07/2017 – Diagnostics (B.A.), IPU Berlin, Germany (course leader: 2 hrs/week whole term)
  • 04-07/2017 – Academic Writing (B.A.), IPU Berlin, Germany (course leader: 2 hrs/week whole term)
  • 10/2016 – 02/2017 – Experimental Research Workshop (B.A.), IPU Berlin, Germany (course leader: 4 hrs/week whole term)
  • 02/2016 – 03/2017 – Guest Lecturer in Biological, Cognitive and Clinical Psychology (B.Sc.), Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer, Norway
  • 10/2015 – present – External Examiner of written exams in Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Biological Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Research Methods & Stats (B.Sc.), Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer, Norway
  • 12/2015 – Reading Course in Developmental Psychology (B.Sc.), Uppsala University, Sweden (block course, 7.5 HP, course leader)

(Co-)Supervised Dissertation Students

  • M.Sc. Student Clare Diamond, Durham University, UK.             – Finished 09/2018 ✔
  • M.Sc Student Manfei Zhao, Durham University, UK.                  – Finished 09/2018 ✔
  • M.A. Student Michael Binder, IPU Berlin, Germany                    – Finished 01/2018 ✔
  • B.A. Student Robert Hameister, IPU Berlin, Germany                 Finished 09/2017 ✔
  • B.Sc. Student Matilda Göranzon, Uppsala University, Sweden – Finished 02/2016 ✔



  • 08/2012 – 07/2015 – Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (ACT project, ITN-FP7 289404).


Conference Organization

  • 07/2017 – 3rd NPN International Research Seminar, Flakstad Lofoten, Norway – Co-organization (with Professor Stefan Sütterlin, Sjur Sætren)
  • 07/2014 – Action Development: Theory and Methods. ICIS Pre-Conference, Berlin, Germany – Co-organization (with peer Marie Curie Ph.D. students) and local coordination

Review Activity

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  • 2019 SRCD: Society for Research in Child Development
  • 2018 – 2019 BRNet: Body Representation Network
  • 2018 Flux: The Society for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Science Communication and Outreach Activities

  • 01/2019 – present – Social Media Strategy Coordination at the Uppsala Child & Baby Lab, Department of Psychology, Uppsala University, Sweden.
  • 10/2018 – 1-week science communication and museum testing  (4- to 12-y’olds) as part of the “Robots – then and now” exhibition at the Life Science Centre, Newcastle UK.
  • 10/2018 –  Volunteering for Durham University’s annual three-day science festival Celebrate Science targeting children and their families; workshops “science and your senses”, Durham, UK.
  • 06/2018 – Co-organisation and co-realisation of a science workshop for 12-year-olds on multisensory perception, Staindrop Academy (secondary school), Darlington, UK.
  • 04/2018 – Curator for Real Scientists DE (@realsci_DE) , the German version of @RealScientistsa science communication project on Twitter (read blog post “Kinder, Kinder – Janna Gottwald ist jetzt bei Real Scientists DE!” here).
  • 04/2018 – Interview with the Swedish magazine of the teacher federation Förskolan about  motor and cognitive development (read article “Därför intresserar sig barn för kroppen” by Sara Djurberg here).
  • 03/2018 – Organisation and co-realisation of a science workshop for 5- to 8-year-olds on multisensory perception and own body representation, Hunwick Primary School, Durham, UK.
  • 03/2018 – Co-organisation and co-realisation of a workshop on non-verbal communication, Parkside Academy (secondary school), Durham, UK.
  • 02-03/2018 – Engagement in the Open Day activities for prospective students at Durham University, UK.
  • 10/2017 – Interview with the Swedish magazine of the teacher federation Förskolan about my research on prospective motor control and executive functions (read article “Motorik viktig för inlärning” by Linda Kling here).
  • 12/2016 – Post on the Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s blog about my findings on prospective motor control and executive functions in 18-month-olds. (read blog post “Prospective motor control in infancy is related to inhibition and working memory” here).
  • 10/2016 – Interview with magazine Special Nest about my research on motor and cognitive development (read article “Motorik kopplas till exekutiva funktioner hos spädbarn” by Thomas Gustafsson here).
  • 10/2015 – Participation in Swedish TV-documentary about the Uppsala Child & Baby Lab (Vetenskapens Värld on SVT).