Hi and welcome to my website!

Janna Gottwald @ the Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala, Sweden (Picture by Laura Sakka)

I am a developmental psychologist and movement scientist.

I am a senior researcher and project leader at Uppsala University (Sweden). Currently, I am leading the project “An Embodied Account of Early Executive Functioning” at the Uppsala Child and Babylab. This project is funded by the Swedish Research Council.

My research in developmental science investigates:

  • How do babies develop new motor skills?
  • How is movement linked to cognition?
  • How do we develop a sense of our (moving) body?

I mainly use motion-tracking techniques and behavioural tasks to study these questions experimentally. I am passionate about embodied cognitive science, dynamic systems approaches, and active/direct perception perspectives.

For my research on infants’ action planning, I was awarded the Benzelius Prize.

I have a PhD from Uppsala University and a Psychology Diploma (≈ MSc) with a clinical psychology and psychotherapy focus from University of Potsdam (Germany).

I enjoy tweeting about science, research and academia (@JannaGottwald). I am passionate about science communication in English, Swedish or German. You can learn more about me and my research at OSFResearchGate, GoogleScholarMendeley, publons, ORCID, and LinkedIn.  And when I am not busy doing science, I am most likely taking pictures (instagram: @kvinnalene).

Lighthouse (c) Janna Gottwald

Lake District (c) Janna Gottwald