Hi and welcome to my website!

I am a psychologist, educator and psychotherapist in training.

I hold a PhD in Psychology from Uppsala University and a Psychology Diploma (≈ MSc) with a clinical focus from University of Potsdam

I am passionate about educating about mental health, trauma and embodiment. I currently work clinically with psychiatric patients. I serve as freelance lecturer and examiner in higher education. I am experienced in psychoeducation and mental health communication tailored to pupils, different professional audiences and the general public. I am fluent in English, German and Swedish.

I have a strong scientific background with 10 years of experience in academia. My research in experimental developmental psychology at Uppsala University and Durham University investigated the embodied self and the mind-body link in early childhood. I’ve been a Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Fellow. For my research and my theoretical contributions to embodied cognitive science, I was awarded the Benzelius Prize (2018) and the Outstanding Young Researcher in Psychology Award (2019). 

Here, you can find my scientific publications and pieces on my research written for laymen. I am passionate about psychoeducation (twitter: @JannaGottwald, instagram: @Janna.Gottwald). You can connect with me at LinkedIn and learn more about my research at GoogleScholar and ResearchGate.