Hi and welcome to my website!

I am a psychologist, scientist and psychotherapist in training.

I am passionate about teaching, educating, lecturing and speaking about psychology, mental health and embodiment. I am fluent in German, English and Swedish.

My research in experimental psychology at Uppsala University and Durham University investigated the mind-body link by addressing questions like 

    • How is movement linked to cognition and self regulation?
    • How do we develop new motor skills?
    • How do we develop a sense of our (moving) body?

I hold a PhD in Psychology from Uppsala University and a Psychology Diploma (≈ MSc) with a Clinical Psychology major from University of Potsdam. I’ve been a Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Fellow. For my research and my theoretical contributions to embodied cognitive science, I was awarded the Benzelius Prize (2018) and the Outstanding Young Researcher in Psychology Award (2019). My work has been funded by the Swedish Research Council. My scientific publications can be found here. Pieces on my research written for laymen are here.

I enjoy tweeting and posting about psychology and science (twitter: @JannaGottwald, instagram: @Janna.Gottwald). You can learn more about me at LinkedIn, and about my research at GoogleScholar, ResearchGate, and OSF.